Welcome! I am Xinzhi Zhang. This is my profile page.

My research areas include comparative political communication, new media and social change, social movements, data-driven storytelling, and emerging media and the sociology of news. As a social scientist by taining, I am also expending the research repertoire to computational social science and digital humanities. I have published 16 peer-reviewed academic research articles (among which 12 are SCI/SSCI journals), all since 2013, including Computers in Human Behavior, International Political Science Review, International Journal of Communication, Digital Journalism, Telecommunications Policy, International Communication Gazette, and Policy & Internet.

Currently I am a Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Journalism of Hong Kong Baptist University. It is my honor to serve as the Associate Programme Director of the Interdisciplinary Concentration on Data and Media Communication. Before joining the Baptist U in 2016, I was a Lecturer and the Co-Convener of the Academic Discipline of Humanities at the School of Professional Education and Executive Development at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2014-16). I obtained both Ph.D. in Media and Communication (2013) and M.A. with Distinction in Communication and New Media (2009) from the Department of Media and Communication at City University of Hong Kong.

Besides scholarly activities, I am a keen lover of music, films, and stage drama. I play piano and jazz drum.

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